The PARK MODERNS have sold out! 

However, if you are still looking for home where the city meets the outdoors, please consider the MODERNS on Eames Walk. These new homes are now under construction. Release schedule will be announced in the Summer of 2016.

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What if we had an opportunity to build an entire neighborhood from scratch–had a chance to make it perfect? We do. It is called The Bridge District.

TBD is Smart: Transforming 188 acres of highly coveted open land in the urban core, The Bridge District will become a vibrant 21st century neighborhood that is both faithful to our values today and restores the joys of a walkable world. New benchmarks for green living and entrepreneurship will be established here.

TBD is Engaging: Green space and great design are the ingredients; healthy and inspired living will be the experience. The Bridge District honors its nearly mile-long stretch of riverfront with a vision embracing the water as both recreational asset and touchstone of everyday life.

TBD is Connected: The Bridge District shifts the center point of the Sacramento region to rest squarely on the Tower Bridge.  From here, it’s mere minutes to just about anywhere—by car, bus, bicycle, and eventually, light rail. Everything you need, and everything you want, is well within reach.

Vertical construction is now underway for the first phases of development. So, in addition to being smart, engaging, and connected, The Bridge District is also: next.

Hint: To see for yourself what is next, click on the map, for a quick spin through The Bridge District.
Why TBD? You may have guessed it already: The Bridge District shares its acronym with "to be determined." How perfect is that? Most development processes tend to produce a building widget of some kind that is both predictable and reliable. Strip-mall widgets, gated-community widgets, big-box retail widgets–you get the picture. But what if these widgets were looking a bit tired relative to our values today? You would change the paradigm, right? That’s what the public/private pioneers building The Bridge District did. It wasn't easy, but the prize that awaits us–a thriving, sustainable 21st Century neighborhood–will be well worth the journey. Because as our public discussion continues to bloom, it will yield ideas and solutions that are not entirely knowable today. When the input changes, the output changes. The sky’s the limit.

The Bridge District is on track to create 4,000 residential units, five million square feet of commercial space and another 500,000 square feet of retail space. Translation: About 9,378 residents and 16,000 jobs in a green-certified, walkable, riverfront neighborhood.

March 2016:
The MODERNS on Eames Walk have been announced. Twenty-one new homes in the heart of the Bridge District are now under construction.  Sign-up to receive our e-newsletter to be the first to hear details on release dates and pricing. 

February 2016:
The PARK MODERNS have sold out!  Thank you everyone for your interest!

November 2015 :

The final four PARK MODERNS homes have been released. This final phase of park-side residential development by FULCRUM takes modern architecture one step further by designing each residence to have a meaningful relationship to the outdoors. Be a part of this new idea for the city, right on the banks of our region's greatest natural asset: a 3/4 mile stretch of the Sacramento River! Contact Mollie Nelson, or call (916) 718-4377 for pre-sales inquiries.

May 2015:
Habitat modern apartment homes in TBD are now leasing! Visit the  web site for leasing information!

April 2015 :
The Barn is now under construction!  Join us at our region's new waterfront landmark in 2016 for a well-curated culinary and cultural experience. Watch the  Barn web site for updates this Fall.

The Bridge District is the result of the collaborative effort of a Public/Private team devoted to making a 21st Century neighborhood that is both sustainable and delightful:

City of West Sacramento
West Sacramento Redevelopment Agency
California Housing and Community Development-Voter Approved Proposition 1C Bonds
Property Owner Financing District Formation Assessments: CFD 27 and CFD 23
City of West Sacramento Redevelopment Funds
California Natural Resources Agency-Proposition 50
State Voter Approved Proposition 1B Bonds
SACOG Federal Community Design Program

The following major developers/property owners have been instrumental in shaping the future of The Bridge District:

Fulcrum (Smart Growth Investors II)
River City Land Holding Company (Raley Field)
Dean Unger
River Road Venture (JV Savage/Friedman Families)
Ramos Family Trust
Clark Pacific Corporation

Click here for a complete list of private developers/property owners involved with The Bridge District.

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